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  • Find the right one for you! When you know what’s stopping you, it’s easier to find actionable solutions that will help you achieve your dream outcome.  


Brandan Rader

Award winning Psychological Researcher, Matchmaker, & Dating Coach

Brandan's academic foundation has provided him with understanding into the deepest webbings of human nature. His passion for research into human behavior and interpersonal relationships helps reveal patterns on a societal and individual level. Brandan transforms his empirical findings into techniques that he applies to his matchmaking and coaching services to help people discover love. Brandan does not simply follow the trends and regurgitate information, he is on the vanguard. 

What People Say

Wasn’t sure at first but what a pleasant surprise. Brandon has been great to work with; very nice, professional and insightful. It’s my pleasure to recommend him to anyone who seriously wants to meet their Match!!
Transformed my life! at first I was a little hesitant, but I am glad I took the chance! If you truly lean into the unique methods and apply Brandan's recommendations, you will achieve your goals! He helped me achieve the aesthetics I wanted and find the love of my life! Thank you Brandan for being an earth angel!
I would definitely recommend this dating service! I would also say that Brandan Rader is the best matchmaker you could ask for! Brandan is so genuine and easy to talk to, and he genuinely cares about finding matches for people that really make sense. I couldn't be happier and I am so grateful for Brandan and that I made the leap to do this!

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